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Schauenburg Analytics Ltd

Delivering technical innovations that enhance every aspect of GC–MS workflow

The specialist analytical instrument manufacturers in Schauenburg Analytics Group harness applications and engineering expertise to improve all aspects of the gas chromatography workflow and deliver better business and scientific outcomes for both research and routine laboratories.

Our mission is to develop technologies that allow scientists around the world to improve throughput and maximise the quality and quantity of information extracted from every sample. With expertise in every area from sample preparation to the processing and interpretation of complex data sets we also provide the ongoing support and partnership your laboratory can rely on.


Group Brands

Markes International

Manufacturing world-leading instrumentation and accessories for sample extraction and enrichment for GC: analytical thermal desorption; SPME; headspace; passive sampling; high-capacity sorptive extraction.

Sepsolve Analytical

Supplying tailored packages of instrumentation, software and application expertise, with a focus on two-dimensional gas chromatography, time-of-flight mass spectronomy, and associated software.

Associated Partner Programme

Leverage a network of trusted partners who share our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation.

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