Who we are

Schauenburg factory and headquaters

Schauenburg Analytics Ltd merges deep analytical chemistry expertise with hard business acumen. We strive to help laboratories make the most of every analysis, both in terms of data and profitability.

Our company was established in 2012, specifically to provide laboratories access to the combined knowledge and sector-acclaimed products and services of our constituent brands – Markes International and SepSolve Analytical. Each company is well known and respected in the world of analytical chemistry for technological innovation, knowledge and cutting-edge products.

Markes International was founded in 1997 and has grown to become an acknowledged leader in sample preparation techniques – particularly thermal desorption. Markes’ culture is one of innovation driven by front-line scientific expertise, and it has pioneered and patented numerous transformative technologies in thermal desorption and associated platforms for sample automation and concentration.

SepSolve Analytical Ltd, provides advanced 2D gas chromatography (GC×GC) technology, time-of-flight mass spectrometers, and associated software. SepSolve works alongside its customers to ensure that they have product packages optimised and tailored to best meet their specific needs.

By merging the collective know-how, products and services of Markes and SepSolve, Schauenburg Analytics is uniquely positioned as a rich source of analytical expertise for any laboratory seeking to optimise return on investment.

The company also harnesses its knowledgebase in its Training Academy, which provides professional training to analytical chemists. The training academy has a range of online and classroom-based courses, which are delivered by Markes International and SepSolve Analytical specialists from across our global network.

This ‘powerhouse’ position is further enhanced by our Associate Partnership Programme, through which we form strategic collaborations with like-minded businesses offering complementary technologies. Amalgamating our complementary skills, resources and connections enables us to offer analytical laboratories a wider portfolio of advanced products and services; what we believe to be an unrivalled level of knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving, service and product excellence.

Our ethos of reinforcing and expanding on a solid foundation of excellence is reflected in the fact that Schauenburg Analytics is itself part of the SCHAUENBURG International Group, an internationally active, family-managed investment company which holds majority stakes in established and profitable industrial companies. Investments are made on a long-term, sustainable basis, with a focus on companies which are already established leaders in technological niche markets.