Associate Partner Programme

The companies comprising Schauenburg Analytics Ltd work together to provide exceptional products and services to gas chromatographers.

To further enhance this, we have introduced our Associate Partnership Programme (APP). The APPs enables Schauenburg Analytics to form strategic collaborations with like-minded businesses and individuals, the combination of which enables us to deliver even more exciting products and technological advancements to the analytical chemistry world. By teaming up with carefully chosen companies, we use our complementary skills, resources, and connections to improve what we offer to analytical laboratories.

Why get involved with our APP?

  • Expert collaboration with leading technology companies, such as Markes International and SepSolve Analytical.
  • Commercialise and gain access to new markets with your technology.
  • Co-marketing opportunities to reach new customers and increase revenue.

If you are interested in discussing our APP, please complete the form below to start the conversion.