Markes International commercialises new technology that expands applicability of headspace and SPME analyses for food and environmental samples

Award-winning analytical instrument manufacturer Markes International has announced that it has entered into an agreement with ExtraTECH Analytical Solutions to globally sell ExtraTECH’s newly developed and patented vacuum-assisted caps for headspace microextraction.

The caps ingeniously extend the applicability of headspace, SPME and SPME Arrow sample extractions by allowing analytes to be extracted under vacuum conditions with milder heating and agitation than is required using current non-vacuum methods. This avoids the risk of sample degradation and therefore produces a more representative sample profile with much higher extraction sensitivities – an obvious benefit to all analyses.

Furthermore, extraction times are typically reduced by half when extraction by vacuum is used, because it lowers the initial pressure in the vial, thus greatly reducing the gas-sample phase resistance, resulting in a much faster transfer of mass analytes to the headspace. Naturally, this translates into significant productivity gains for laboratories – especially those which are high throughput, as is the case within food and environmental sectors, for example.

Rachael Szafnauer, product marketing manager of Markes’ sample extraction product lines, said: “The caps unlock the full potential of headspace sampling, allowing fast extraction under mild conditions, and they’re completely re-usable too. All labs need to do is wash and recondition them. So, they reduce waste, time and energy costs.

“We’re very excited about how the caps enable analysts to benefit from enhanced extraction capabilities. ExtraTECH’s technology is a great fit with the Markes’ sampling technologies and its Centri instrument portfolio and we’re looking forward to working closely with our customers, helping them to adopt this breakthrough technology.”

ExtraTECH’s founder, Elia Psillakis commented: “Our long-standing collaboration with Markes has been driven by our shared passion, determination and commitment to innovation. Now we have brought vacuum-assisted extraction technology to market, I am convinced that our products and methods will benefit laboratories worldwide.”