Markes International launches new sample preparation platform at Pittcon 2023

Markes International launches new sample preparation platform at Pittcon 2023

Markes International is launching a new addition to its award-winning automated sample preparation platform, Centri®, at Pittcon 2023. The company will be unveiling the Centri 90 on its Booth #2519 – an automated sample preparation, extraction, and concentration platform for the GC–MS analysis of VOCs /SVOCs in solids, liquids and gases.

Smaller footprint, same high-sensitivity, high-throughput capabilities

The new Centri 90 is a smaller, modular, entry-level version of the original Centri platform (now renamed Centri 360), designed to complement its high-sensitivity and high-flexibility. It contains the same proprietary cryogen-free trapping technology as the original, ensuring the high sensitivity for which all Markes’ instruments are known.

“The new Centri-90 delivers outstanding sensitivity and enhanced productivity for routine headspace, SPME and SPME Arrow applications,” confirmed Massimo Santoro, Director of Business Development at Markes International.

Key Centri 90 features:

  • Modular – the Centri 90 platform can be upgraded at any time (to the newly introduced Centri 180), adding thermal desorption and high-capacity sorptive extraction capabilities.
  • Enhance existing GC–MS – it’s easy to upgrade existing instrumentation and bring new life to GC–MS workflows with the Centri 90, allowing analysts to obtain superior-quality data while retaining automated sample preparation and GC injection.
  • Platform neutral – the Centri 90 integrates seamlessly with all major brands of GC, enabling laboratories to continue to use their existing direct injection workflows for liquid, HS and SPME, while benefitting from enhanced sensitivity using the Centri 90’s trap-enabled modes.
  • Patented Markes’ analyte trapping technology – the trap is cryogen-free, and back-flushed to optimise analytical sensitivity and enhance the quality of information obtained from GC–MS. It also uses selective purging to remove unwanted interferences and maximise analytical sensitivity.
  • Choice of carrier gases – Markes’ award-winning Multi-Gas technology is in-built in Centri 90, enabling the instrument to be used with either helium, nitrogen, or hydrogen as carrier gases. It’s been independently certified for safe use with hydrogen, which delivers faster chromatographic speeds, and lowers the cost-of-ownership and maximizing return-on-investment.
  • Data confidence – the instrument ensures data-confidence through its automated system leak checks and innovative diagnostics, and has an automated gas-phase internal standard addition – a requirement for compliance with some standard methods.
  • Small footprint – the Centri 90 is only 31 cm wide and 56 cm deep, saving valuable bench space

Applications for Centri 90

Rachael Szafnauer, Product Marketing Manager of Markes’ sample preparation range of instruments, commented: “We’re very excited to be launching the Centri 90 at Pittcon, and to see analysts’ reactions to it. We believe that its key applications lie in food safety testing for residual fumigants in seeds and spices, olive oil authenticity testing, and monitoring VOCs in environmental air, water, and soil. That said, we’ll be keen to hear of other potential applications from Pittcon delegates.”

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