Markes’ new Centri 90 featured in conference ‘Innovative New Technology Showcase’

The theme of NELAC’s combined Environmental Measurement Symposium (EMS) and National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) this year is ‘Science and Innovation that Serve the Public Good’.

Markes’ new Centri 90 sample extraction and enrichment platform has been selected by NELAC to feature in the Conference’s ‘Innovative New Technology Showcase’, and our popular CIA Advantage-xr will be on display in our booth.

Also, our team will be on-hand throughout the conference to share their expertise in environmental monitoring, and they’ll be presenting several orals and posters to breakdown how and why our innovative instruments are being used by analysts every day to identify and monitor toxic and environmentally damaging S/VOCs (including PFAS) in air, soil and water, and particulate matter in air.

Markes’ presentations at NEMC 2023

  • Online monitoring of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) using thermal desorption and GC–TOF MS
  • How does automated high-capacity sorptive extraction compare to traditional solvent extraction for the preparation of diverse samples for GC–MS Analysis in the field of environmental forensics?
  • Monitoring produced gases from PFAS removal technologies
  • Versatile options for extending analyte range and sensitivity for monitoring VOCs in water and soil
  • High-throughput characterization of petroleum hydrocarbons in the environment
  • Ethylene oxide: techniques for sample collection and overcoming the challenges of analysis
  • Centri 90 showcase – an automated sample concentration instrument for the GC–MS analysis of S/VOCs in solids, liquids and gases
  • Is tyre wear an underestimated source of air pollution? (Poster presentation)
  • Measurement of volatile PFAS in indoor air using TD–GC–MS (Poster presentation)

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