Scientific presentations from Markes International and SepSolve Analytical at Pittcon 2019

Markes International and SepSolve Analytical Ltd, both companies of Schauenburg Analytics Ltd, will be presenting their recent scientific work in a series of poster and oral presentations at Pittcon 2019, which will be held this year at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, from 17–21 March.

Markes will also have an exhibition booth (Booth #2455) at the trade show, on which it will showcase its Centri® multi-mode sample automation and concentration system for GC–MS. Also exhibited on the booth will be Markes’ thermal desorption instruments and supplies.

The following oral presentations and posters showcasing recent developments in VOC and SVOC analysis will be presented:


  • Advanced solutions for comprehensive ambient air monitoring
    Nicola Watson (Markes International)
    Sunday 17 March (13:50–14:10)
    Room 120C
  • Enhanced confidence in routine monitoring of river water quality by passive sampling with GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation
    Dr Laura McGregor (SepSolve Analytical)
    Sunday 17 March (15:25–15:45)
    Room 122B
  • Automated aroma profiling of alcoholic beverages by GC×GC–TOF MS
    Dr Laura McGregor (SepSolve Analytical)
    Tuesday 19 March (11:05–11:25)
    Room 124


  • Emissions from products and materials: Simplifying the analysis of formaldehyde and other VOCs in a unified analytical approach
    Abstract no. 1220-4
    Tuesday 19 March (14:00–16:30)
  • Enhanced GC–MS analysis of SVOCs in air and materials using thermal desorption preconcentration and novel sampling approaches
    Abstract no. 1220-3
    Tuesday 19 March (14:00–16:30)
  • A flexible analytical platform for the discovery of biomarkers of disease
    Abstract no. 1230-8
    Tuesday 19 March (14:00–16:30)
  • Extending the applicability of sorptive extraction-based sampling techniques through enhanced automation and sample concentration for GC & GC–MS
    Abstract no. 1550-26
    Wednesday 20 March (10:00–12:30)
  • Introducing a new fully automated multi-mode sample preconcentration system for GC–MS analysis of VOCs & SVOCs
    Abstract no. 1560-9
    Wednesday 20 March (10:00–12:30)
  • Analysis of trace-level odorants in drinking water using headspace SPME–trap extraction
    Abstract no. 1550-12
    Wednesday 20 March (10:00–12:30)
  • Confident profiling of cannabis terpenes by flow-modulated GC×GC
    Abstract no. 1570-5
    Wednesday 20 March (14:00–16:30)
  • Optimising the analysis of VOC/SVOC compounds in environmental samples using automated sample preconcentration prior to GC–MS
    Abstract no. 1550-34
    Wednesday 20 March (10:00–12:30)
  • Correlating consumer sensory experience of apple aroma with VOC profiles acquired by automated TD–GC–MS
    Abstract no. 1840-8
    Thursday 21 March (10:00–12:30)
  • Determination of mineral oil saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons (MOSHs and MOAHs) in food contact materials
    Abstract no. 2130-18
    Thursday 21 March (14:00–16:30)

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