SepSolve Analytical launches new INSIGHT-Thermal modulator for GC×GC

SepSolve Analytical has expanded its GC×GC product offering through the addition of a new modulator. The new INSIGHT-Thermal sits alongside SepSolve’s existing INSIGHT-Flow modulator, enabling the company to now provide GC×GC analysts with outstanding performance whatever their application needs, from research through to routine analyses. Both INSIGHT-Flow and INSIGHT-Thermal are fully compatible with GCs from all major manufacturers, and both can be controlled by SepSolve’s ever-popular ChromSpace® software – the time-saving, intuitive software platform for GC×GC used by laboratories globally.

INSIGHT-Flow is a reverse fill/flush flow modulator delivering robust, repeatable analyses, ideal for GC laboratories requiring routine, high-throughput analyses, or discovery-based applications involving volatiles <C8, such as breath biomarker evaluation and aroma profiling.

SepSolve’s new cryogen-free INSIGHT-Thermal modulator uses a delay loop held between precisely controlled hot and cold jets to concentrate and then release analytes prior to their injection as a focussed band onto the second column.

“The focussing capability of the cold jet allows INSIGHT-Thermal to provide outstanding sensitivity and peak capacity for GC×GC, making it the ideal modulator for GC labs looking to characterise trace-level compounds in complex matrices, as is the case with petrochemical fingerprinting, environmental forensics, and metabolomics,” commented SepSolve’s Product Marketing Manager, Dr Laura McGregor.

The INSIGHT-Thermal brings a new level of productivity and performance to thermally modulated GC×GC, with flexible control of all modulation parameters within ChromSpace software, including the unique ability to apply linear ramps to the cold jet flow rate – crucial for efficient release of high boiling point analytes (C50+).

Additionally, the novel column holder design (patent pending) provides improved usability, by ensuring precise alignment of the delay loop between the jets. The smart ‘figure of eight’ design locks the column in position to prevent any movement of the loop during (or between) analytical runs, for improved reproducibility. Dr McGregor adds “These attributes make thermal modulation more amenable to routine applications, where ease-of-use and consistency are essential.”

Bob Green, SepSolve’s Sales and Business Development Manager, said: “The addition of INSIGHT-Thermal enables SepSolve to comprehensively cater to all GC analysts, whatever their application area and needs – from research right through to high-volume routine analyses.”

Further, the company fully supports users by providing bespoke column sets, method development and specialised training services, so that they can get the most out of their new GC×GC system the minute it’s installed.